Finalists from Original Series discovery events @ The Vista Room performing for a chance to win contract performances at The Vista Room, be submitted for feature on 99X must not suck and a chance to play Original Circuit Venues!


This concert series is scheduled to begin in March, 2018.  SIGN-UP TO PERFORM BELOW!    

Series location:
The Vista Room (
2836 Lavista Road, Atlanta GA 30033, 404-321-5000
Questions?  Email:
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Series sponsors and partners:
Wilson Brothers Technologies, Reformation Brewery,

99X musicDMT Logistics

Best of Original Concert Series - How it works:
Each show is a concert. The venue provides regional level club, lights and sound. Stage is set, sound checked and ready for show at 7PM. Tickets are $9 in advance or $12 at the door. Contact venue for table reservations. The performer who brings the most fans through the door wins cash. Cash winnings are determined by total tickets sold and tickets sold by each performer. Guests will be asked who they came to see at the door when presenting or purchasing a ticket. At the end of the night we will announce the winner. After costs to produce and promote are excluded, a sold-out show (100% advance) at The Vista Room would pay entertainers as follows.

  • Entertainer payment:  4 act show, 30 minutes set  /  3 act show, 40 minutes set
    • Most crowd attendance  $700+  /  $900+
    • 2nd most crowd attendance  $500+  /  $500+
    • 3rd most crowd attendance  $300+  /  $300+
    • 4th most crowd attendance  $175+  /  not applicable

Number of entertainers per show is determined by scheduling availability. The Vista Room room capacity is 350 for this event. Each show in this concert event will record entertainer crowd attendance. Entertainers performing more than once in a concert series are eligible for entertainer pay each performance. However, Semifinalists and Finalists for this event are determined by who brings the most fans and will use the single highest crowd attendance night for entertainers performing multiple shows within a concert series. The top three (3) in crowd attendance go to the Finale. The next eight (8) in highest crowd attendance perform a two (2) night Semifinal – four entertainers each night. The Semifinalist with the highest crowd attendance advances to Finale. Four (4) entertainers perform a single night Finale.  ​Entertainer payments subject to ticket prices, promotion and/or production cost changes which could produce higher or lower payments to entertainers on an individual show basis. 

Series schedule:
Weekly performances held on Wednesdays, 7PM-11:30PM, beginning March 14, 2018 and will conclude as series dictates. Selection round winner, Grand Prize Winner and Grand Prize Runners-Up are decided by the Entertainer's crowd attendance. In the event of a crowd attendance tie, a judges panel vote will break the tie. Selection round winners advance to the Finale. Selection round Runners-Up advance to the Semifinals. This is a reentry event at discretion of Original Series. The top Semifinalist is invited to perform in the Finale. Semifinal and Finale dates and times to be determined. Event schedule may change as event needs demand.

Reformation Brewery welcomes you to enjoy their products and set beer free!

Series stage guide:
The Vista Room will provide necessary vocal stage mics on stands, necessary direct-box inputs, stage & house sound & lights and musician sound tech support. DMT Logistics will provide drum kit, cymbal stands and throne.  Performers playing stage percussion must bring cymbals and sticks and may optionally bring a kick-pedal.  Shakers, tambourines, etc. are welcome.  Electric instruments welcome.  No more than five (5) amps allowed per performance group. Amps must be 60 watts or less. Keep your pedals and cabling to a minimum for time constraints. Seven (7) musician/vocalist players maximum per performance group.

Special considerations:
Show is Ages 21+. Ticket purchase required.

Must be present to advance. 4 original songs minimum. 3 cover songs minimum.  40 minutes per set.

Prize packages:
• $12,000 contract to perform 6 shows at The Vista Room 

(Vista Room performances scheduled within 12 months from Finale date. Production Fees excluded. Value based on 350 room capacity at $10.00 per ticket)

​• Original Circuit invite to perform for hire at Original Circuit Venues: Smith's Olde Bar, Dixie Tavern, The Vista Room, Rock 'N' Taco, Tannery Row Ale House and more.    
​(Original Circuit performances scheduled as venue calendars permit and are ticketed events. Performer pay based on room capacity and ticket price. Buyer and Venue fees excluded. Original Circuit Venues subject to change.)

• Submitted for feature on 99X's "Must Not Suck" local artist radio show

• $2,000 contract to perform 1 show at The Vista Room

(Vista Room performances scheduled within 12 months from Finale date. Value based on 350 room capacity at $10.00 per ticket. BUYER & VENUE Fees excluded.)

• Submitted for feature on 99X's "Must Not Suck" local artist radio show

REMEMBER:  Crowd votes help decide.  Sign-up below, bring your fans and come ready to groove The Vista Room and play the Original Circuit!

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Best of the Best Original Series @ The Vista Room, 2018 Performance Schedule: 

WEDNESDAYS: Week 1) 3/14,   Week 2) 3/21,   Week 3) 3/28,   Week 4) 4/11,   Week 5) 4/18,   Week 6) 4/25,   Week 7), 05/02  

SEMIFINALS: Wed, Night 1) 05/09  &  Wed, Night 2) 05/16       /       FINALE: Wed, 05/23

  • Vista Room 2018 LIVE1:40
  • Vista Room 2018 EVENTS0:48