Do you write songs, love to play them and want to be heard? If so, sign-up for Wednesday Artist Search @ Smith's Olde Bar and perform for hire on the DMT Logistics music stage to win paid gigs at Smith's Olde Bar, be submitted for feature on 99X "Must Not Suck" and a chance to play Original Circuit Venues!

This Wednesday performance series is underway... (see schedule at page bottom).  SIGN-UP NOW!  (sign-up form below)  

Series location:
Smith's Olde Bar(
1578 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, (404) 875-1522
Questions?  Email:
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Series sponsors and partners:
Tequila Mi CAMPO, Wilson Brothers Technologies, SweetWater Brewing Company,

Gig Pump Magazine, Four Roses Bourbon, Atlanta Music Grapevine, 99X music,

Wilson Brothers Technologies, Smith's Olde Bar, DMT Logistics

Series schedule:
Weekly performances held each Wednesday, 7PM-10:00PM,
begin Summer 2019 (dates to be announced soon) and will conclude Fall/Winter 2019 or as series needs demand (event may break for holidays).  Contestants must win or place runner-up to advance.  Weekly winners are decided by panel judges and crowd voting.  The winner of each weekly performance advances to the Finale.  This is a reentry event (as scheduling demand dictates).  The Semifinals will include contestants who placed runner-up in a weekly performance.  Top Semifinalists will be invited to perform in the Finale for a chance to win Grand Prize and 2nd Prize packages.  Semifinal performances may be held on different day of the week - TBD.  Finale performances may be held on different day of the week - TBD.  

All performers are welcome to enjoy complimentary beverages thanks to Sweetwater Brewing Company who welcome you to enjoy their products. Don't float the mainstream!

Series stage guide:
Smith's Olde Bar, thanks to Gig Pump Magazine, and DMT Logistics will provide 3 stage mics on stands, 3 direct-box inputs, stage and house mix, musician sound tech assistance and house percussion.  House percussion includes cajon-kick drum, kick pedal w/ cajon-beater, snare on stand and high-hat stand. Musicians playing stage percussion must bring cymbals and sticks. Solid sticks not permitted, must use brushes or broom-sticks (hot-rods). Shakers, tambourines, etc., welcome. Electric instruments welcome. No more than two (2) amps allowed per performance group (bass head not considered amp - bass cabinet is). Amps must be 60 watts or less. Keep your pedals and cabling to a minimum for time constraints. Five (5) musician/vocalist players maximum per performance group.

Special considerations:
All Ages - Free Show. Must be present to advance. No cover songs. Perform 20 minutes set of original music.  

Prize packages:
• $2,000 performance contract (play 4 shows in a year) from SOB
• Invited to perform in Best of Original Circuit Concert Series
• Feature article and promo video from Atlanta Music Grapevine

• Full length music video from Gig Pump Magazine
• Submitted for feature on 99x's "Must Not Suck" local artist radio show

• $1,000 performance contract (play 2 shows in a year) from SOB
• Invited to perform in Best of the Best Original Circuit concert series
• Feature article and promo video from Atlanta Music Grapevine  
​• Submitted for feature on 99x's "Must Not Suck" local artist radio show

REMEMBER:  Crowd votes help decide.  Sign-up below, bring your supporters and come ready to Get Down with Smitty & Friends!

Original Series @ Smith's Olde Bar Wednesday Artist Search, 2019 Performance Schedule: 

WEDNESDAYS: Week 7) 08/07, Week 8) 08/14, Week 9) 08/21

SEMIFINALS: Friday, Night 1) 09/13  &  Friday, Night 2) 09/20       /       FINALE: Friday, Night 10/04

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